Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Giving Your Life, The Good and The Bad

I personally feel that the third step of AA is also one of the foundations of Christianity. God wants us to turn our will and our lives over to his care so that his will, not ours, will be done. In order for me to do this and complete the third step, I had to forget everything else. I can’t tell you the exact moment it happened, the process of enlightenment was slow and in God’s speed. I did know when it occurred......you see, I had forgotten about my freedom, my ex-girlfriend, and my recovery. My heart was, at one point in time, completely empty. I allowed Jesus to refill my heart with his love and his will. Already I have accomplished things I never dreamed of and I look forward to working on the 4th step.

Few of us would think that we are entirely evil inside and that God needs to replace everything in our heart. This makes the process of giving our lives over difficult, because we think some things in our lives are good. For me, my recovery and ex-girlfriend were good, so why would I give them up? You must, but by doing this you allow God to return to you what is truly good. God did this with me and my recovery and I didn’t even miss a beat. As for the girlfriend, God put a completely different woman in my life. A woman that I respect deeply. God gave me these things. I had completely given up on everything. My life was without direction, but when the time was right God led me back to a pathway of prosperity and happiness. For this I am thankful, I am grateful, and I am completely amazed....

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