Monday, June 15, 2009

Finding God......

Finding God.......HA! As if He could get lost. Never the less, that is what I entitled this blog. Not because He was ever lost, but because I am lost and I am still finding my way. If you are to know anything about me, then know that I am currently incarcerated in the state of Indiana. Now, I think I may know what some of my readers are thinking....... You are thinking that this is just another story by some inmate “finding God” in an effort to obtain a “get out of jail FREE card”. I beg to differ. I have already served a 3 year sentence and though I did not avoid religion during that time.....I certainly didn’t search for answers either. My point is that I’m not prone to jumping off religious cliffs for any reason and my search for a higher power is profoundly sincere. I hope this blog can help others find faith in the Lord and I hope my readers will help me as I continue to develop a relationship with Jesus. I was not raised in a church, but I originally gave my life to Jesus about 10 years ago. I became involved in a youth group by invitation from one of my friends. After about 6 months, the Youth Pastor moved on and I found myself without a spiritual mentor and lost faith in Jesus. The next ten years of my life have been filled with strife. A life of drugs, alcohol, and finally prison. I also fathered a child whom, in the past, I refused to allow into my life. I’m finding my way, but I’m still really confused and overwhelmed and as much as I hate to say it LOST!

I have always felt that blessed are those who God corrects It took me a long time to understand that I am not being punished for my actions, so much as God is “correcting me” to stay the path.

As my readers, I encourage you to ask questions and offer advice. I am currently blessed with an array of services. The institution I am being held in offers a service five times a week. It has truly been interesting. One good thing about being incarcerated, it allows me all the time I need to study His Word throughout the day. With all this said, God Bless and we will shall see where this journey leads........

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