Friday, October 9, 2009

Spreading The Word

Acts 9:1 says: “Meanwhile Soul was still breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples.”. After reading that verse, if you would have told me that this same man would go on to write 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament I would have told you that was just crazy! But, sure enough, God singled out Soul (also known as Paul) to be one of the primary authors of the New Testament. I find it completely amazing that Paul despised Christians at one time only to become a leading minister in the good news of Jesus Christ.

How God used Paul reminds me of how the English used double agent spies in World War Two. The English spy network was effective because they were using German spies against the Germans. When I originally began to move form Satan’s side to God’s side, I found it difficult to pray and understand the Bible. Over time God healed me and trained me in his word......much like the English had to do with the Germans. Now, I feel that I am a ranking solider in God’s army and I am proud of my new allegiance.

Sometimes; however, I don’t feel like I’m one of God’s common soldiers. In fact, I feel like I belong to God’s ‘special forces’ of Jesus Christ. Just as Paul used to persecute early Christians, I use to live in the darkness of sin to Satan’s delight. I believe, it was Paul’s history that made him so effective in spreading God’s word. Because of Paul’s previous hate, he knew exactly what doubts he had to confront in unbelievers. I consider myself like Paul on that note. Because of my previous allegiance to Satan, I have a unique understanding of where the weakness lies in Satan’s armor. I know the temporary satisfaction brought with binge drinking, drugs, and unprotected sex. But I also understand the turmoil and pain that these activities carry with them. For this reason, I feel I am well suited to carry the message of Jesus Christ to people who would otherwise not normally hear his word.

Satan is cunning and powerful, but we must remember that God is the Alpha and the Omega. When God calls on an individual to serve him, there is no denying him. God has provided each of us with special talents, skills, and histories to help us perform his work. If God’s message was only heard in churches or spread only by your stereotypical church goer, how many people would Jesus’ message not reach. I guess my point is this: It doesn’t matter if your tattoo covered or clean cut, we all have a responsibility to carry the good news of Jesus Christ to whomever we can........