Friday, June 26, 2009

Rebuilding My Spirit

In jail, I forgot all about AA. I was blessed with good cell mates who read from the Bible daily...aloud. It was very soothing and peaceful. I began to read with them. I went to court and received five more years of imprisonment. I was crushed. A few days later, I was transferred to another facility---another county jail in a small town. AA and the Bible seemed miles away, but once again I was blessed with a God fearing cell mate. This new facility in Brazil, Indiana had Church services four days a week and a Christ based recovery program founded on the 12 steps of AA. At first, I didn’t think the recovery program was for me. I did think the Church was pretty cool and I enjoyed the services.

I eventually gave my life to Jesus, took up the study of the bible, and started this blog.....all done here at this Brazil facility. Yesterday was my day of realization and reconciliation. I went to the recovery meeting and was awarded the class text. The book is awarded through attendance to the weekly meetings. Our first lesson, where I was able to participate, is step 4. Right where I left off! Someone who does not believe and follow Christ could easily say that this is nothing more than coincidence, but I know better.....

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