Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why are We Not?

But if we are the body,
Why are not His arms reaching....
Why are not His hands healing....
Why are not His words teaching....
And if we are the body
Why are not His feet going
Why is His love not showing them there is a way....

Jesus is the way

These are the words to the chorus of a song we sang in worship a few weeks ago. Sadly I can’t share the tune with you, but the words themselves are still moving. God has a purpose for us all. As Romans 12:6-8 confirms: “God has given us all a gift and we have a responsibility to use it wisely and well”. I believe that goes to the very heart of this song. God has literally chosen us to be His arms, hands, feet......WE are the body. Christ is the head. How would you feel if your body did not do what your mind ask or told it to do? How many times have you made a limb suffer to accomplish a greater task?

God will preform all the miracles in the world, but if we are not there to point out these miracles and carry them forward......then God’s efforts are in vein.

When the day comes that I go to meet God, I know I don’t want to have the feet that did not walk or the hand that did not heal. I hope and pray that whatever God has made me to be that I now do it well and that I do it humbly.

In closing, I ask you to ask yourself....“What is my gift from God and how can I best use it?”. When will you use the gift and to whom will you share this gift..........W

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