Friday, December 4, 2009

Many Meanings.....

Once again I must apologize to my readers and God for my laziness. Unfortunately, when I’m lazy it also shows that I am ungrateful. In order for the words that I write to get to this screen for you to read.....many things have to fall into place.....but it all starts with me.

So often, I sit back at night with my bible and begin to read. It is never long before my mind is spinning with topics and scripture that I want to write about and share with you. But, it is always late and I work the next day, and , and, and it doesn’t get done........that topic or idea is lost by morning.

On one special morning; however, I woke to read my “Daily Bread” and it discussed the same scripture I had chosen to read last night. How amazing, right? I love God’s little signs that he is listening. It let’s me know that I’m right where I’m suppose to be.....he left that little ‘treat’ for me so that I would know I’m doing good. But, there was something else.......if I had chosen to write about this particular scripture, I would have taken a different meaning from the one I read on my “Daily Bread”.

I was once told by my dear friend, a story of how her pastor used the same scripture three weeks in a row at church. Each week the minister started his sermon with the same scripture, but each week there was a different message or meaning. That is how awesome our God is. So many people call the Bible a “book of stories”. That, to me, does not ring true. A story has a plot and if you miss it then really the book means little to you. God uses the Bible to speak to everyone on all occasions. Sure the new testament plot might be that Jesus gave his life so that we could go to heaven. But the Bible contains so much more. There are so many life lessons to be learned inside the Bible’s pages. To say that the Bible is just a “book of stories” is to say that the US Constitution is just a piece of paper. NO! The Constitution is a living, breathing, word of the people. Well, the Bible is the living, breathing word of God! God uses it to speak to each of us differently as we need to hear it in our lives. For this I am thankful. As the only species on the planet that can read his word, it is proof to me that we are truly God’s chosen creation.

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