Monday, January 4, 2010


Recently I spoke with my mother about one of my blogs. This is not an uncommon occurrence because of my situation. As some of you know, I write this blog from jail by hand. I then forward it to my retired, traveling, mother....who then lovingly publishes it for me on the internet. My blogs get sent all over the US in paper form to get to her. It is by God’s blessing that it all comes together.

Anyway, my mother, had more than her usual “It sounds great, honey.” comment on one of my blogs the other day. She was agreeing with me how she feels that God will and does speak to us....whether it be in church by a sermon or in life through signs. It meant a lot to me that she agreed with me. She has always given me the impression that she believed in God......but, something about that that exact moment.....made me want to ask her if she believed not only in God, but in Jesus Christ. Jesus is so important, without him there is no salvation.....and if there is no salvation then knowing God doesn’t really matter much. The entire second half of the bible is about His teachings and Him. We are told that all things were created through Him, (John 1:3). In other places, He is referred to as “The Light”, “The Way”, and “The Truth”. Jesus Christ is clearly not only the rock of Christianity.....HE is Christianity.

Witnessing on a personal basis or on a one to one basis is or can be very difficult. Many times I don’t want to feel rejected or have to answer those ‘tough’ questions. What if I get stumped and look like a fool or worse make God and Jesus look like fools? know what? With it being Christmas..... what better gift could be given. Now that I have done all this talking.....I have a duty......

My Mother means the world to me, “ you know that.... right Mom?”. (“Yes, I know that, Son.) One day you are going to pass away....probably before me. I need to know that I did everything I could do to tell you about the one Man you can count on in death. His name is Jesus and He walked the earth some 2000 years ago. He came so that one day, after you are gone, and after I am gone.......we can be together again. Sounds like something you would want, right? (”Right!“) I worry I sound like a fruitcake right now and if I’m wrong.......(”You are not wrong and you are certainly not a fruitcake“). I believe that Jesus gives every human being enough spiritual experience in their life to know that there is something more beyond these little years now. So, with that in mind, I beg you to stop buying me Bibles and get yourself one. Read John and look up this guy named, Louie Giglio. He’s made some powerful speeches about the universe that Dad would even enjoy. This is my Christmas Gift to you, Mom......the road map to everlasting is more than God.......Love, Your Son, Samuel
(”Thank you, Sam. I love you more than you can imagine......I look forward to the day when you and I can read the Bible together.“)

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