Monday, May 17, 2010


This is a small farming community. So small, that everyone here attends the same church. The community was in the middle of a drought and all of the people were terribly worried. Taking the advice of the preacher, the Mayor called a town meeting one Friday afternoon. The meeting place was at the church and the Mayor intended to have the entire town pray with the preacher for rain.

It was an awful, hot and sticky summer day. The sun was high in the sky......not even a relief in sight. The heat was so intense it seeped through the church windows and walls. The men, women and children inside the church were wet with perspiration. Women tried to cool themselves with small fans. Men, whose custom it was to wear overalls, were in shorts and wiped beads of sweat from their foreheads. Even the preacher was not in his customary shirt and tie, but wore instead a polo shirt and shorts.

The Mayor called the town meeting to order and quieted the people down. Then the preacher took the pulpit and began to speak about the miracles of God. During his sermon, he noticed his young daughter get up and leave the chapel. Then, just as he was about to start the prayer asking for rain, the back door of the chapel slammed shut with a loud bang. Everyone turned to see who was late to such an important meeting. It was none other than the preacher’s daughter. What was even more odd was you could barely identify the child for she was covered from head to toe in a rain suit. It was clear she had found her father’s rain attire. A big, bright yellow hat, like one of those old fishing hats, adorned her head. The matching yellow rain slicker dropped down below her knees and the boots. Well, she apparently could not find her father’s matching rain boots, but wore instead her mother’s pink rubber boots instead.

The child was a ridiculous sight to see, especially in such heat. As the congregation began to chuckle, the preacher asked his daughter to explain exactly what she was trying to do here. Her reply was a simple one, “Well, Dad. If it is going to rain , then we better be ready.”. And, “Here , I brought you your umbrella and Dad, you had better tell these folks that they all left their car windows down!”. The girl had FAITH.....pure, plain, and simple.

As children of God, we must remember to have that child like faith in God in all things we do. So, remember, if you ask for prepared for rain.......

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